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Expand your knowledge and understand what matters as VC.

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Led by a seasoned professional, the exclusive one-day course is distilled from years of experience and tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are just entering the industry or are looking to refine your practice, the VC Masterclass will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need.

As an attendee, you'll gain a good understanding of how to identify problems early, what you should optimize for, and which conclusions you can draw from your findings. The class enables you to add true value to your portfolio companies. You will receive checklists and resources so the knowledge you gained can be applied after the class.

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What former participants say

Holger Witte | General Partner, Vorwerk Ventures

"The session with Kolja exceeded my expectations and proved to be worth every penny. His vast knowledge and laid-back approach created an informative and enjoyable learning experience. Despite having years of experience myself, I discovered numerous valuable insights to take away."

Alexander Kölpin | Managing Director, seed + speed

"I can't recommend Kolja's education format enough. His engaging teaching style and deep understanding of the VC industry made the content relatable and actionable. I particularly appreciated his emphasis on key metrics and forecasting techniques, which empowers investment professionals to make more accurate due diligence evaluations on startups. An invaluable resource for investors."

The agenda

The agenda will be tailored to your individual needs. Typically, it includes the following key areas:

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Event details




09:00 AM – 05:00 PM


Berlin or Munich



Course highlights

Learn from the expert

Engage with an experienced industry professional who will share his extensive knowledge and experiences from the VC field.

Real application

Deepen your understanding and gain practical insights that you can apply in day-to-day operations.

Comprehensive curriculum

Delve into a wide range of topics, including the latest trends shaping the industry, and get answers to your all your questions.

Networking opportunities

Connect with influential stakeholders like VC fund managers and other like-minded participants passionate about the VC ecosystem.

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About the instructor

Kolja Heskamp
Founding & Managing Partner |

Kolja is one of the founders of He looks back on years of experience in the startup sector and has accompanied more than 100 companies from different growth phases. Among other things, he has conducted over 30 due diligences on the investor and investee side and raised more than €300 million in equity and debt. His roles have included Interim CFO at Outfittery, Head of Finance & BI at Thermondo and Interim Director Finance at infarm. His focus is on scaling finance, debt structured propositions, working capital management and crisis management.